Tourism In Pattaya Will Bounce Back Because Of The Economic Zone

Pattaya is known as a resort city in Thailand but it has a lot more potential according to local business owners. While there are many hotels near in Pattaya, Thai businesses believe that bringing the city to a new light such as a big improvement on its infrastructure will benefit Pattaya greatly.

Basically, EEC will be focusing on the improvement of modern technology which is to be used in various industries such as automation, aviation and more. There are investment funds over 1.5 trillion baht which are going to be used for the development of infrastructure such as deep-seaports, roads, airports and high-speed railways. With this improvement, it is expected that the connectivity around the area will also improve significantly.

Thai Chamber of Commerce’s chairman, Kalin Sarasin, said that there are a few factors that will make Pattaya the centre among the eastern cities. These factors include high-speed railway train connecting three big airports in the area, the U-Tapao airport and the EEC connectivity. There are also a lot of tourist spots that will tempt domestic and foreign travellers to travel to the country in the coming years.

At the eastern part of Thailand is where Pattaya is. This city is 100 kilometres from the southeast side of Bangkok. With the development of the EEC, it is expected that the coastal city of Pattaya will become the centre of tourism in the east and will eventually be able to compete with other resorts in Asia such as Bali, Indonesia and Phuket, Thailand.

The plan is in the same wavelength as the end goal of the government in order to encourage growth. TCC revealed that around 52 per cent of the labour force of Thailand was employed last year under the tourism industry. From the same industry in 2017, the country was able to earn 2.5 trillion because the number of foreign arrivals has reached 35.4 millions.

For this year, the goal of the government is to gather 3.3 trillion baht. This is one of the main reasons why hotels near in Pattaya are given as much free reign because it is recognized that these services under the hospitality industry are the reason why the economy of Thailand continues to prosper.


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