Predictions For 2017: New Trends In Interior Decor

For some people, a new year means the need for home renovation. Top interior design experts have made predictions on the top trends in interior design for the year 2017. It is for you to decide whether to follow the design trends or stick what your tastes dictate.

According to Allina Wolhardt, owner of Boston-based Wolf in Sheep Design, after stark white and neutrals dominance of the colorscape for the past years; she is beginning to foresee muted pastels like dusty rose, emerald green and rich jewel tones for 2017. The colors will be particularly favored in several furniture lines. Rachel Reider Interiors’ designer and owner agree that color will make resurgence and it will show up in different mediums, not just fabrics. Color will be present in lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures and countertops to create a new and different design.

Several interior decorators also predicted that people will shift from mass produced pieces to handcrafted and aesthetic décor. Wolhardt thinks this is a side effect of the current political climate. Instead of buying cheap stuff from retailers, people will invest in quality décor that will last for years. There will also be a change in the way people buy clothing. Instead of Forever 21 and H & M, people will buy timeless pieces that can last forever.

If people will work with local builders, they will have pieces of furniture that does not look like they came from a cookie cutter. Designers and homeowners have two choices of materials: metal and wood but 2017 will be different. There are materials like crackled resin, reclaimed wood, metallic finishes and leather that will be ideal material for furniture.

Natural fiber rugs will also be popular for 2017 because they can add a lot of depth to a room. Another idea worth watching for is putting wallpaper on the back of bookshelves to highlight your interests. For décor, nothing beats Wall Art Prints where every canvas tells a story. You can choose from a range of images or you can transform one of your favorite pictures of the family or a scenery into a work of art printed in canvas.


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