Thailand Unemployment Drops Below 1%

With many companies and recruitment companies in Thailand have been busy, according to data from the National Economic and Social Development, which shows that the country’s unemployment has dropped in the third quarter of 2018, thanks to a recovering farm sector, and a growing national economy. According to a report published late November by theRead More

Yelp Saying Its Data On Local Businesses And Consumers In The US Shows Early Signs Of A Downturn

Late in 2018, business forecasters in the US issued warnings that the country’s economy might be close to hitting a downturn. Early in January, crowd-sourced review firm Yelp made issued another prediction of a downturn. Over the last quarter of 2018, the Yelp Economic Average, the company’s index that measures the activities of small businesses,Read More

Why People Prefer A Honda Motorbike

In some countries, one can experience the hassle of commuting, especially when they are in a hurry. Heavy traffic can result to wasting so much time on the street before you finally reach your destination. There’s also too much flock of passengers boarding the public transportation rides. And you can’t afford to buy cars asRead More