Orchid Export In Bangladesh Needs Government Support, Cultivators Say

In the floriculture industry, orchid exporters in Thailand, Malaysia, China, and Vietnam are leading all over the world. While Bangladesh is currently producing over one million species of orchids every year, the country is just starting out in joining the others in exporting orchids to foreign countries.


Luxury and Symbolism

Due to the difficulty in growing orchids in the past, these flowers had a long history of being regarded as a luxury. Many collectors in the past took special care of the orchids, as the plants need certain conditions for it to thrive. It has become the national flower of many countries like Venezuela, Brazil, Costa Rica, Columbia, Guatemala, Seychelles, Honduras, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Corporate buildings, embassies, multinational companies, and even hotels in Bangladesh opt for orchids as decorations for two main reasons: its beauty and symbol of luxury.


Orchids Production in Bangladesh

Engineer ItemadUdDaulah is considered as the pioneer in the cultivation of orchids in the country. In 2002, he started growing orchids in his home in Dulma. Sixteen years later, he now has a 25-acre land dedicated to floriculture, which is a home to variety of species of orchids, as well as other plants and shrubs. What started as a passion project is now known as Dipta Orchids Ltd.


Dipta Orchids Ltd. is responsible for 50 to 60% of the local demand for the flower. The company ha its own tissue lab that has all the modern equipment to ensure that the flowers bloom in large quantities. Some of the orchids cultivated at Dipta are Mokara Die-hard Red, Dendrobium White, Sakura Pink, Sonia, Yellow Anee, and Satu Pink. While the local industry of orchids is thriving in Bangladesh, the country still needs to make changes to be on par with orchid exporters in Thailand, Malaysia, and other leading countries in the industry globally. Sales and marketing manager for DiptaJakirRomain explains that Bangladesh has a huge demand for orchids, and if the company exports their products to o there countries, they may earn significantly, but they would need the government’s support.



A major concern for floriculturists in Bangladesh is that there are no existing provisions that are in place to assist in the exportation of orchids. The government neither has any program set to support the cultivation of orchids, nor subsidies to cultivators. Many orchid exporters in the world have both.


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