Oceanside Bathrooms Undergoing Renovations

Bathroom consultants in Perth have been renovating four major beach bathrooms in Oceanside, California, leaving beach goers troubled to find suitable areas to shower or go to the toilet especially at this time of the year when people all over the country would flock to the beach.

Several beach goers were annoyed by the $1.4 million project especially because renovations were done during the summer season. However, city officials have said that that the bathrooms won’t be ready until the next month when summer is at its end as the construction met several problems.

The city’s project manager, Nathan Mertz, said that the delay in the completion of the four bathrooms can be attributed to problems that the contractor, Hal Hays Construction, met along the way. Some of the problems include personnel turnover and delay in the materials being ordered.

Mertz also said that the complaints of the public hasn’t fallen on deaf ears and that they are doing the best they can to finish the project. The city has put up a fine of $500 on the contractors for every day of delay.

While he also agrees that it was bad timing to be doing renovations during the summer, Mertz said that it should have been done during the off-seasons and should have been finished by July 15.

To answer the needs of the people, the city has put up several potable bathrooms throughout Oceanside. However, people have been complaining about these portable bathrooms due to the poor quality used. The bathrooms have also been placed along the entrance of the pier, which have annoyed visitors due to the odor coming from the portable toilets near the entrance.

Yet, Mertz believes that the public should also do its part by maintaining cleanliness on the portable bathrooms, which are being cleaned at least twice a day.

The renovated bathrooms are located at Breakwater Way and Sportfisher Drive. The latter location had its original bathing facility completely overhauled to make way for a new bathroom facility. Meanwhile, some bathrooms at Wisconsin Street are undergoing minor interior renovations only.

Residents of the city have long been complaining about the old bathing facilities. These bathrooms have long existed without a single renovation. Thus, this prompted city officials to list is as a top priority for their projects.


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