New Zealand Plumbers Found Drinking Water Contaminated With Lead

According to a major plumbing association in New Zealand, they have already notified the health authorities and concerned groups about the tap fittings being imported into the country which may be the cause of the lead found in drinking water. This news worried homeowners in Australia that they also hire plumber in Brisbane in order to have their taps checked.

The red flag was seen after Master Plumbers conducted random tests on existing tap fittings. The organization has already been worrying about this issue for a while now because the lead levels in pipe systems and tapware that were imported into the country are found to be unacceptable.

This news came after the news of lead contamination that have been found in taps used in Australia but the testing done by the group concerns another brand of tapware. According to the Masters Plumbers, the independent testing was conducted by qualified laboratory based in Australia and they are planning to publish the results soon.

The group has already contacted the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Building, Innovation and Employment as well as the Minister of Building and Construction.

Lead exposure is alarming especially for young children because it could affect the development of their brain thus they may end up intellectually impaired. Adults who are exposed a high level of lead can be negatively affected in many ways.

It was only a few months ago when Australia had to turn off the public drinking fountain located in Warrnambool and Geelong because the lead levels are found to be higher than acceptable. High lead level is also the reason why the Perth Children’s Hospital supposed opening was delayed. Inspectors found that a thousand pieces of brass valve fittings that were installed do not pass the Australian standard.

Plumbers in New Zealand as well as plumber in Brisbane have expressed their concern about the use of plumbing fittings that are not standardized especially those that are found to be a fake version of Watermark. The authorities are now looking into issues with plumbing products from other countries.


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