Must-Try Fine Dining Restaurants In Berlin

Fine dining may not be the first thing that comes to mind when people think about Berlin, but in the recent years, the area has witnessed the development of ร้านอาหารไทยหรูกรุงเทพ options, together with other fine dining restaurants that offer sumptuous meals to the people of Germany. In fact, Berlin is now considered as the epicentre for cuisine reinvention in Germany— a title brought about by the influx of young chefs from all parts of the world setting up their very own restaurants in partnership with reputable restaurateurs.


Kin Dee

For those looking for a ร้านอาหารไทยหรูกรุงเทพ in Berlin, Kin Dee is an up and coming name that literally means to eat well. Chef Salad Kambhu was born in Bangkok, and grew up there as well. After staying in New York for ten years, she ventured in Berlin where she gathered enough recognition to open her own restaurant in Schoeneberg. She adds a contemporary twist to traditional Thai cuisine by substituting local ingredients to make sure that the customers get nothing but the freshest dishes available.


Katz Orange

Located in Mitte, the restaurant is set in a two-floor building that used to be a brewery. The brick walls and wooden furnishings at Katz Orange give it a great atmosphere. Aside from the ambiance, the restaurant focuses on using seasonal ingredients that are locally grown and harvested in the area. While the menu may not seem as extensive as other restaurants, Katz Orange makes up for it through the quality of the dishes and the amount of thought and attention given to its preparation. One popular dish at the restaurant is the 12-hour slow roasted lamb or pork, and its extensive wine list with up to 150 different types of wines to choose from.



For those looking for an authentic Japanese dining experience, Zenkichi is just around the corner offering contemporary Japanese cuisine and high quality Junmai Sake. Although the restaurant is located at the basement of an unassuming office building, visitors would definitely fall in love with its interior— semi private booths made of bamboo set in contrast with black lacquered wooden decor. Visitors would also experience the warm hospitality that Japanese restaurants exude.



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