India’s Rural And Urban Community Connected By Logistics

Logistics is currently the lifeblood of many communities and its growth is something that India and the whole world did not expect. It has brought advantages to various industries including trader, industrialists, consumers and entrepreneurs not to mention the role it plays as a bridge to rural communities. The transport industry of India is huge and diverse which needs to overcome a number of hurdles but the answer for the woes of specialist logistics services lies in technological innovations that are energy efficient and an approach that is centered in the consumers.

One of the signs of a growing economy is if there is physical connection between the rural and urban communities. For instance, it does not matter if farmers have good production output all year round if they cannot deliver their produce to the market within the fastest time possible. Farmers are now connected to the national market because of the presence of cold storage warehouses, fast fulfilment facilities and transport solutions that are guided by technology. In this aspect alone, logistics was able to solve the agricultural problems of India.

With access to rural logistics, it has benefit the rural areas in many ways such as decreasing the cost of transporting agricultural products, raising the incomes of the farmers and improving the quality of their lives, connecting rural and urban communities and raising awareness to build more rural markets. Overall, logistics efficiency is far better with the contribution of rural logistics.

The logistics industry continues to improve that more and more customers are now demanding for same-day delivery. To businesses that have already incorporated these features, they can easily meet the demands.

Majority of the rural areas get their livelihood from agriculture such as forestry, crops, fisheries and livestock. With the development of logistic networks in these communities that used to be inaccessible, a big part has added to the economy. A huge percentage of the population has also been added to the income generating category. Digital connectivity is far from perfect in these areas but specialist logistics services have already improved a lot into these areas that we are able to open up new opportunities.


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