How Australia Celebrated The One Year Anniversary Of Marriage Equality

It was November 15 of 2017 when majority of Australia voted yes for marriage equality law to be passed. It was a day full of joy for all same-sex couples, wedding businesses, Sydney wedding planner and everyone who has campaigned for the same-sex marriage to be legalized for more than a decade.

Two months ago, the entire country celebrated the one-year anniversary of the passing of the marriage equality law. One of the couples who waited for the result during that historic day was Ban-Foo Leong and Selwyn Lemos. Mr. Leong said that it was a huge achievement for them as they were able to take part in the campaign for equality. They are now reaping the rewards of their actions and they feel good overall.

Mr. Lemos shared how that day will always bring fond memories for them. They joined the rally as they urge everyone to vote yes and they gathered on the Belmore Park located in the CBD area of Sydney. It was during that moment that not just the gay community but the entire nation came together to support one another.

One year later, they can attest how much that support remains strong. The momentum might have died down and the news headlines have changed but they still feel strongly how it impacted their lives.

The couple was able to make their vow and tie the knot a few days before the one-year anniversary of the marriage equality. They have been together for 21 years and they are happy to be able to wed in front of their family and friends.

Prior to moving in Australia in 2003, the couple lived in Singapore where they had a commitment ceremony held in secret. After the legalization, the couple celebrated without holding back because it is their chance to show the world. It was a chance for them to be free after the stigma they have to endure while living in Singapore as a couple.

For many years to come, Sydney wedding planner can attest to the fact that that fateful day on November will always be remembered by every same-sex couples who were given the chance to wed the person they love.


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