Hotel Promotions For The Ramadan Month

Every time the month of Ramadan is near, hotels and restaurants start to beef up on their promotional campaigns by offering unique and innovative Ramadan packages to gain the attention of customers. To honour the special time of the year, Oryx Rotana Doha offers a taste of Arabian culture at different venues in Iftar and Suhoor.

On its website, Oryx Rotana displays the different offerings of its restaurants Choices, Sky Lounge and Al Nafourah Garden. Another attraction at Oryx Rotana is the traditional Ramadan Tent that is advertised as “the venue that is pulling out all stops through its spectacular fountain view and friendly welcoming environment.”

It is not only the luxury hotels that are busy with their promotions. Standalone restaurants are also running Ramadan promotions vigorously by offering a wide range of Ramadan delicacies with set menus that differs from one another. Buffet tables are filled with vegetable and chicken soups, hot and cold mezze, mixed grills, appetizers and traditional Ramadan desserts.

At the Ritz Carlton, their marketing message includes a mystical experience at the luxury hotel. The theme for Ramadan depicts the epitome of a wealthy Qatari heritage and the still to be revealed message from the Ritz Carlton Hotel Doha for the coming Ramadan.

To create an aura of excitement, a majestic scene of richly patterned gold and red colours are used on the exquisitely designed main dining room and private majlis in corners. Aside from the international and local cuisines, a selection of live music entertainment is offered with a Tanoura dancer to entertain the young and old alike including families and friends that gather together for the memorable event.

At the Four Seasons Hotel Doha, the month of Ramadan is celebrated with an extensive selection of culinary experiences. Guests can choose between the Ramadan Tent and the hotel’s signature lounges.

In Thailand, hotel promotion in Bangkok is different. Instead of unique experiences, hotels offer limited time discounts and bonus offers for valued guests. To add value to the experience, early booking provides guests special discounts to spa packages, breakfast vouchers and free passes to buffets. Book now, enter the promo code and enjoy the lowest price for accommodations.



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