Four Year Later, Hospital Boiler Still Not Back In Operation

It was four years ago when news of the explosion of the biomass power plant in Raigmore Hospital shook the country including company of effective heating Wakefield because they know the impact of the unfortunate incident. The biomass boiler was part of the green heating initiative which cost £3 million. It was constructed in the flagship hospital of the NHS located in the north. It was the pride of NHS Highland because it saves them £1 million annually from energy cost.

In an unfortunate turn of events, the boiler exploded four years ago to the horror of many especially the politicians of the country. Up until today, the facility remains idle because it has not undergone repair still.

When the wood pellet boilers were installed in 2013 by the health authority, there were two energy-saving boilers and one of them exploded. The explosion happened on March of 2015 due to pressure accumulated. The good news is that three workers who are there at the time were able to escape without any major injuries.

David Stewart, Highlad MSP and the health spokesman of Scottish Labour, was shocked to find out that the energy-saving boiler was not repaired up to this day. It was left untouched and idled ever since its explosion four year ago. The fact is that the green energy scheme was installed in the first place to sustain 80 per cent of Raigmore Hospital’s heating and save money for NHS Highland at the same time. It is shocking for them to know that those in authority did not think to do something about the boiler but decided it was best to leave it untouched.

Edward Mountain, conservative north MSP, said that this incident was only proof of the poor financial management going on with NHS Highland. Their track record in the area has not been good since but this incident further cement the fact. They have already made contact with the new CEO of NHS Highland to discuss the matter.

Industry professionals that install effective heating Wakefield believe that the biomass boiler was a big loss and should be repaired as soon as possible because of its huge benefit for the hospital.


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