Father and Son Arrested By Howard County Police for Involvement in Driveway Paving Scam

Laurel, Md – March 12, 2015 – A father and son tandem were recently arrested for their involvement in a driveway paving scam that had occurred last February in Laurel. Another arrest warrant was issued by the police for a third suspect and the people are being asked to help finding him.

The 48-year old Paul Frank and his 19-year old son, Spanky Frank, were both charged with four counts of selling home improvements even without owning a license. They were also charged for contracting without a license.

The pair was arrested last Wednesday in Prince George’s County and there was no reported incident of a struggle. The third suspect, 22-year old Ace Frank, is still missing and had received the same charges. It still cannot be determined whether he is related to the arrested duo.

The police believe that all the three Franks have been staying at 8600 block of Contee Road in Laurel and that they have permanent residences outside the state of Maryland.

Last February, four homeowners were solicited with driveway re-sealing services by three men who were identified as Paul, Spanky and Ace. Three of these homeowners live in the 9600 block of Baltimore Avenue while another lived at the 8600 of Tower Drive.

All of the homeowners had separately received the same treatment from the suspects. They were reported to have charged a higher amount than what was agreed upon but the service conducted was of very poor quality. They did not also provide a receipt for the payment.

During the investigation, the police had found out that the Franks had mixed black paint with gasoline and the combined mixture was used to reseal the driveways.

In Maryland, it was required for contractors to have a license and these men were clearly unlicensed. Spanky was released from the detention center on a $2,600 bond while Paul’s release required him $10,000.

Ace Frank is yet to be found.

The moral of this incident is: before you hire a contractor, make sure that you ask for legal identification as well as licenses that prove they are who they say they are and they are qualified to conduct work.


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