Discover The Hidden Gems Of Thailand Through The Little Book Secrets

One of the highlights of Chiang Mai’s Little Book Secrets is best restaurant in Chiang Mai, the perfect place to unwind with good food and cocktails. You can indulge in the sinfully delicious French cuisine that has been prepared from the freshest ingredients that are the basis of the rich flavours. An extraordinary experience awaits you without the need to travel to France.

The Little Chiang Mai guidebook that was written in English was recently released by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT). The book brings together independent book shops, secret restaurants and museums that can be found in the city. It also includes bicycle and running routes as a unique guide for travellers who want to discover the hidden gems of Thailand.

The guidebook is made up of five bona fide designer pocket books distributed in one package that can be obtained by visitors and collectors. The five individual sections include Ride, Run, Restaurants, Galleries and Museumsand Bookshops. According to TAT Governor YuthasakSupasorn, the English version of the guidebook is intended for international travellers who want to discover Thailand from a different perspective.

The target audience of the guidebook is young travellers to Thailand who are more adventurous when it comes to discovering hidden gems along the cycling and running routes. The guidebook is a combination of Chiang Mai culture, gastronomy and art. Itis presented in a way that brings the city to life in a new perspective.

Little Chiang Mai is different from other guidebooks because each of the sections has a character that is associated to its content. Apart from the unique design, another significant element is the way it views reading as an experience. The design has a bit of everything that people cannot find online. For example the design of page layout of Gallery Museum makes use of die cut technique that resembles how a painting is framed and exhibited.

The guidebook is very important to international travellers who do not know location of the best restaurant in Chiang Mai where they can enjoy a unique experience. There are many restaurants in Thailand but they do not come close to the Michelin-style cuisine prepared creatively by world renowned chefs.


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