Different Types Of Fences To Keep The Horses Safe And Uninjured

One of the biggest hazards that horse owners have to deal with is fencing. There are different types of fences that can be used from the solid timber post and rail, Horse rail, fabricated horse mesh, electric fence for horses and plain wire fence. In the choice for the most appropriate fence, it is important to consider the type of horses whether geldings, stallions, mares or foals.

The most common type of fence used for thoroughbred studs is the solid timber post and rail fence made from hardwood. It can be used for both small-day yards and large paddocks. The fence is usually constructed to a height of 1.2 to 1.65 meters based on individual needs with two to four timber rails to prevent injuries. To prevent horses from chewing the timber, an electric wire can be added.

The Horse railis made from lightweight but strong and durable composite plastic posts with thin flexible polythene rails. Wires and cables are incorporated with the use of brackets. The rail may yield to impact but there is no danger of breaking. The fence looks aesthetically appealing even without paint.

When an electric wire is added to the fence, horses remember that they should not come into contact with the fence. They avoid the fence altogether because of the uncomfortable shock they experienced when they touched it. One or more wires can be threaded on the posts or added to the existing fence. Metal star picket posts must be avoided as they can cause nasty spiking injuries.

The fabricated wire mesh is a good barrier to stop foals from escaping. There is no danger of hoofs or legs getting caught in the mesh. When the high strength galvanized wire mesh is fasted to timber posts, there should no gaps where a part of the horse’s body can protrude.

When using wire fences, it important to choose plain wires not the barbed ones to minimize the potential for a tangle and injury. A better option is an electric fence for horses to keep them at a safe distance from the fence. Electric fences are also helpful for visibility and helps enhance the safety of fencing.


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