Thailand Unemployment Drops Below 1%

With many companies and recruitment companies in Thailand have been busy, according to data from the National Economic and Social Development, which shows that the country’s unemployment has dropped in the third quarter of 2018, thanks to a recovering farm sector, and a growing national economy. According to a report published late November by theRead More

Interesting Facts About AFL

Australian Rules football is a distinctive sport of Australia. It is one of the most ancient form of football with official written rules of play. The AFL was conceptualized to keep the cricketers active and fit during winters. The game was initially known as the Victoria rules football. It was renamed as the Australian RulesRead More

Advantages Of Using Prewound Bobbin

Prewound bobbins have a self-supporting structure and are made without using any core to wind the thread. The demand of prewound bobbins is slowly raising owing to their efficiency. Preowned bobbins provide many advantages like increased productivity, improved efficiency, high consistency and good quality stitching. The main advantage of using a GEM prewoundbobbin, is thatRead More