Bunnings Quietly Launches Monthly Magazine

Aussie home furnishing franchise Bunnings recently launched a monthly magazine containing helpful information on home furnishing companies like Arthur Fitzhugh Decorating and DIY, available for free for all of its customers in its branches.

The first edition of the magazine, simply named “Bunnings”, has 84 pages and are available in the franchise’s 293 branches across Australia, with an initial copy volume of 500,000 units. A digital version of the magazine can also be acquired from the company’s website.

According to parent company, Wesfarmers, the hope is that the new, eponymous magazine will be just as successful to the free consumer magazines that fellow national store brands, like Coles and Woolworths, have for their customers.

Bunnings’ statement regarding the magazine says that the aim of the monthly publication is to provide their customers with stylish inspiration, ideas for their latest makeover  project, as well as tricks and tips that’ll let them be creative with how their decorate, improve, renovate and update their homes, and their gardens.

The magazine, the company says, will cater to various needs, skill level, and customer budgets, promote products and services, like those offered by Arthur Fitzhugh Decorating, as well as offer useful DIY advice that Bunnings customers can put to good use. It’ll sport five regular editorial sections, each  covering different niches; Dream It, Fix It, Make It, Plan It, and Update It.

Keith Murray, Bunnings’ General Manager of Marketing, says that the magazine’s initial launch in Australia will be followed by circulation in their 47 New Zealand stores, with a circulation of 100,00, come July. He states that they’re excited to be offering this new publication to their customers, one that offers them advice and inspiration that’ll help them create a home that they’re proud of, one that’s a great place to live in.

The magazine will be produced by the company behind Qantas, David Jones and fellow Coles magazines, Medium Rare.

Notably, Coles is also part of the Wesfarmers company group, like Bunnings. Roy Morgan research also says that Coles Magazine is the most popular publication of its kind in Australia, with 4.8million readers in 2018, which accounts for 23.5% of the AU’s population aged over 14.

Medium Rare Managing Director Gerry Reynolds, says that Bunnings is an expert on DIY, and the magazine will be key in handling the ‘inspiration step’, and that they look forward to delivering content to customers and connecting advertisers with an engaged audience.


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