Boiler Accident Resulted To Death Of A Worker While 17 Injured

Thika Town is the headquarters of the Jungle Nuts Holdings where a recently boiler exploded. As a result of the accident, one person passed away while 17 others suffered injuries. This accident further emphasized that importance of boiler repairs and maintenance to avoid explosion or carbon monoxide poisoning.

JosephMurigi, the senior manager in the Human Resource Department of the company, said that the incident occurred on August 17 at around 4 in the afternoon. Mr. Murigi further explained that the boiler for cashew nuts is the equipment that caused the explosion. That day, the engineers from Kenya Power conducted their repair jobs on the main power line of the company but after the repair there was an unexpected power surge which resulted to the explosion.

Right after the incident, all the injured workers were delivered to Thika Level Five Hospital where two were declared to be in critical condition. Dr. Patrick Nyaga, the medical superintendent of Thika Level Five Hospital said that one of the workers died as soon as they reached the hospital. The other person declared to be in critical condition was sent to the ICU department of the hospital for close monitoring.

The remaining 16 workers were given proper treatment inside the hospital. It was fortunate that majority of them were only inflicted with minor injuries.

Jungle Nuts Holdings is based in Makongeni area which is in Thika. A portion of the company is under EPZ and it responsible in processing nuts such as macadamia and cashew as well as fruits which are then sent for export. Aside from fruits and nuts, the company is also manufacturing products such as mattresses and electric poles which are then sent to the local market.

The owner of the company is Honorable Engineer Patrick Wainaina who became Thika Town Constituency’s legislator for the very first time. The unfortunate accident set as a reminder for companies to schedule boiler repairs and maintenance regularly in order to avoid incidents such as this from happening again. Investigation is ongoing as to who will be responsible for the explosion.


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