Bangkok Malls Devised New Ways To Attract Shoppers

With the increase in the number of consumers using online shopping instead of going to their local malls and department stores, Bangkok malls are thinking f new ways to counter the rise of online shopping. Tourism is booming in the city with many guests booking at hotel in Ratchada but the shopping sector is currently having some issues.

One of the property developer based in Bangkok claimed that they may have a solution to this problem – give consumers a good time wherein all can be accessible in one place.

Thai capital is known to have over 20 huge shopping malls located all over the country such as Mega Bangna, CentralWorld and Siam Paragon. According to ChayadittHutanuwatra, a Thai Chinese businessman, Show Destination Centre or also known as ShowDC is able to offer consumers something they cannot acquire online.

The chairman of ShowDC, Mr. Chayaditt, said that the country is known because of its shopping destinations but their establishment is aiming to be the entertainment destination.

ShowDC is a little bit bigger compared to VivoCity, the biggets mall found in Singapore. It has a total land area of 180,000 square meters. It offers a lot to consumers such as tourist attractions, Asian cuisine and the most popular K-pop culture.

The change was prompted by the increasing amount of money spent by locals in Thailand for shopping online. In a survey last year, it was revealed that they have spent around 326 billion baht for online shopping and the number is predicted to increase by 16 per cent this 2017. Traditional malls that have been attracting shoppers a number of years ago now needs to add more to what they are offering in order to keep consumers from looking at their gadget screens.

According to an expert, e-commerce is still not viewed as a threat when it comes to the physical stores in Thailand but developers are now given additional challenge in creating spots that will attract locals and tourists. While attracting guests at a hotel in Ratchada is not a problem, this is something that they should brainstorm about in order to not give in to the power of technology and e-commerce.


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