Is Letter Writing Still Alive?

Recent research proves that only one among six teens write letters outside the classroom. A study from National Literacy Trust showed that the teenagers approaching adulthood writes letters the least. Sixteen percent of teens from 14-16 writes, twenty-five percent aged 11-14 and thirty percent from children aged 8-11. Director of National Literacy Trust Jonathan DouglasRead More

Winning Your Customers Over

Even experienced marketer can fall into the trap of creative slump and just be satisfied with the status quo. Employing the services of marketers is very helpful even in small businesses like hair salons, kindergarten schools and retail stores. However, today, the current trends dictate what gets noticed, shared and talked about in social media.Read More

Fire Incidents Caused By Boilers

When your boiler breaks down the best option is to get a professional plumber in to fix it. Annual boiler servicing and maintenance are considered highly critical as faulty ones may most certainly lead to many possible dangers leading to fire emergency. It has been said that fire incidents that are mainly caused by malfunctioningRead More

Best Places To Retire

People work eight hours or more a day to feed a family and then retire after exhausting ones physical body. If you are looking for a retirement investment, HomeUnion Investment may assist you in a very important decision. It will be just fair if you retire with a handsome amount of money and with aRead More