APR Urging Cali Governor To Approve Of Bottle Recycling Bill

Washington’s Association of Plastic Recyclers reached out to Governor Gavin Newsom, California, to approve of the Assembly Bill 792, “Recycling: Plastic Containers: Minimum Recycled Content and labelling”. This is notable, as the company works closely with junk hauling Orange County and across the country, representing 90% of postconsumer plastics recycling in Northern America. AB 792Read More

Why IQ Scores Must Not Be Used As Criterion For Preschool Admission

Studies suggest that early childhood education helps prepare children for the classroom environment of kindergarten. Children learn better by interacting with other kids and their teachers instead of being left in the home to do whatever he pleases. Instead of pressuring children to learn, Anaheim Preschool teaches children the basic skills of making friends, listeningRead More

Historic Car Organization Denounces EV Conversions

With the world embracing green technology, electric vehicles are becoming the popular thing in the automobile industry, with many manufacturers offering electric vehicles, or electric auto parts conversion for older models, even classic ones, like the Beetle. However, a worldwide historic car organization has denounced the process. The International Federation of Historic Vehicles, or FIVARead More